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Appraisal Reports & Gemological Services

There are no state or federal legal requirements regarding who can perform as a personal property appraiser. More and more insurance companies require credible appraisal reports written by qualified personal property appraisers.  

There are two distinct and important qualifications. 

1. The appraiser should be a credentialed Gemologist. 

2. The appraiser should have credentials regarding training in personal property valuation at various market levels along with training on methodology and researching values.
Would you simply want someone good at math or a CPA to compile your important financial reports? So why treat your valuable jewelry any less?

We offer a variety of appraisal reports depending on your intended use. You may be seeking insurance coverage, dividing an estate, equitable distribution, collateral appraisal reports, etc., let's discuss your specific need.


Gemological Reports are used for items when a value isn't the priority. You may want to confirm something you purchased,  inherited, or want to sell and represent it properly.


Your report will be written by a Graduate Gemologist, GIA, a certified member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, and written to USPAP Rules & Standards, meeting professional personal property appraisal industry standards.

Points to Remember

1. Always ask for your appraiser's credentials.

2. Being a gemologist alone does not qualify one to be an appraiser. 

3. Personal property appraisers are NOT subject to state or federal law regarding qualifications or performance standards as real-estate appraisers are therefore, anyone can call themself an appraiser of personal property, this includes jewelry.

4. Choose an appraiser with gemological credentials AND appraisal credentials who follow USPAP Rules & Standards for personal property appraising.




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